Nir Kaufman

Angular Conference 2023 (Warsaw & Online)
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Nir Kaufman

AI-Powered Angular Apps - start here!

In this session, we will learn how to start building Angular web applications while seamlessly integrating AI for enhanced functionality, and better UX.
Along the way we will introduce some of the must-know AI technologies and terminology such: prompt engineering, LLM, langchin, and much more.

Nir Kaufman - Front End Tech Lead, Tikal | Israel

In a long-time relationship with web development as a developer, author, consultant, and trainer. Google Developer Expert in Angular & Web technologies. Tech community activist, founder of "Tech a Hike" - The first off-road tech community. Vegan (but nice!), music producer at nights, off-road 4X4 guide at weekends.


Build an AI-Powered Full-stack Angular App

Learn how to build Angular-based web applications while seamlessly integrating AI for enhanced functionality.
In this workshop, we will develop a dynamic, serverless, full-stack Angular app from scratch using cutting-edge technology stacks.
By infusing AI into our application, we will delve into the fundamentals of AI technologies, including LLM, prompt engineering, Langchain, and Vector databases.

By the end of this workshop, you will possess a fully functional application.


- Setting up a modern full-stack Angular-based application.
- Harnessing the latest Angular features and APIs.
- Utilizing a modern ORM for efficient database interactions.
- Implementing authentication mechanisms.
- Exploring Generative AI, prompt engineering, LLM, and the Langchain framework.
- Real-world utilization of Vector databases.
- Integration of OpenAI technologies.

Elevate your skillset with this immersive workshop and leave with the expertise to create AI-powered applications that define the future of technology.

Nir Kaufman in action

Nir Kaufman in action

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