Mateusz Łędzewicz

Angular Conference 2023 (Warsaw & Online)
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Mateusz Łędzewicz

To Module or Not to Module, That Is the Question!

A Brief Exploration of Modularity in Angular: Learn what truly matters when creating modules. Discover the essentials of module composition and how to architect your codebase to fully capitalize on modularity. If you're interested in employing simple yet effective principles to make your codebase more modular, this session is not to be missed.

Mateusz Łędzewicz - Principal Angular Consultant and Trainer, Lowgular | Poland

I started my coding journey 20 years ago and I always treated it as a passion, not a work till now. Currently I am Principal Consultant and Trainer at Lowgular, where I am teaching people Angular from the scratch. From other hand I am helping our clients in boosting developers performance, training their developers to use best engineering practices and reducing technical debt.

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